Abortion is a choice available to us, for an unwanted pregnancy. In earlier times, abortion or contraceptives were not spoken about and neither were these services made available easily. This was a reason why women had no option but to continue with unwanted pregnancies, which would take a toll on their health. A woman runs the family. She has to think from a financial perspective as well. In earlier days, she wasn’t able to engage in family planning because the methods and services weren’t available to her.

In today’s times, women have started thinking about and taking care of their health and even started planning their future. Married women especially, have realised the importance of a smaller family and the need to limit the number of children. This has built a woman’s strength and will-power to take decisions such as opting for contraception or getting an abortion done for an unwanted pregnancy.

Decisions regarding abortion depend upon situations such as mental or physical health of the woman, potentional disability to the foetus, contraceptive failure, pregnancy as a result of sexual abuse, etc. However, if abortion is a result of sex-determination and the need for a male child, then it is an absolute no-no.

The reason society takes objection on abortion is the lack of awareness about safe methods of abortion. Safe abortion services are provided at FPA India’s clinics by trained service providers. We, the volunteers of FPA India, even help clear misconceptions about abortion to spread awareness. And as youth volunteers, it is our duty to speak up about abortion and try to eliminate the stigma that prevents women from accessing safe abortion services. If there is anything that the abortion process needs, it is the understanding and support of loved ones. Isn’t that something we can all provide?



Seema Kumari

Youth Champion,

Jaipur Branch, FPA India

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