Menstruation is a natural process, but still there is stigma associated with it. Using sanitary napkins is considered a private affair, due to which asking for money to purchase them brings with it some hesitation. However, after sensitisation of parents and teachers by FPA India, we can comfortably have conversations around periods and sanitary napkins, or ask for money to buy the same.  Also, FPA India helps make girls like us aware of correct knowledge about their periods. During these meetings, teachers also feel confident to speak up and provide information on the topic. These sessions have even led to informing schools to allot funds for sanitary supplies. FPA India also raised funds through the “Let’s get back girls to school” campaign in the Tata Mumbai Marathon, 2018, to empower young girls with sanitary napkins and information on menstrual health and hygiene. FPA India also sensitises young boys on menstruation to de-stigmatise this topic and create a stigma-free environment. It is my opinion, that exemption from GST will not only help women and girls afford sanitary napkins, but will also be a campaign contributing significantly to de-stigmatising menstruation. I congratulate FPA India and wish them all the luck in their initiative to empower young girls and women with information on menstrual hygiene and affordable sanitary napkins.


Madhushree Anishettar,

Age 21,

Student from Dharwad.

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