When girls and women cannot afford a sanitary napkin, they go for cheaper and more convenient options, that most of the times are unhygienic or unsafe. Imposing GST on sanitary napkins may have caused girls and women to use unhygienic options like reusable clothes to absorb the menstrual blood. School-going girls may have been highly affected because of this decision. Imposition of GST did not only cause unsafe practices but also hindrance in girls’ education. This may have been another reason for to drop-out of schools, affecting their personal development, economical status, and eventually their health. Girls who use inappropriate sanitary materials even when in schools, are always worried, distracted, and have the fear that their uniform/dress might get soiled and hence will be embarrassed in front of others. This can have a great negative impact on their psychological health.

Therefore, I believe that the GST exemption on sanitary napkins was a much-needed change. Now that sanitary napkins have been exempted from GST, I wish to congratulate all women and request them to use hygienic methods of managing their menstruation. Stay safe and healthy!






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