Seema (name changed) was forced into sex work by her husband. She is also a peer educator in FPA India’s project for Female Sex Workers (FSW).  Seema, who conceived nine times due to unsafe sexual practises, has six children alive, and had to face two Intra-uterine foetal deaths in the last trimester. Due to this, Seema had become weak physically.

During her ninth pregnancy, she decided that she does not want to continue to term. She decided to secretly opt for safe abortion at the FPA India clinic. In her words, had she not opted for abortion, she would have had to ‘face death’. Fortunately for Seema, the FPA India clinic provided her with safe abortion services and counselled her about post-abortion contraceptives. After this experience, she started referring other women like her, to the FPA India clinic for safe abortion services.


[Disclaimer: These are real case studies from FPA India. The names have been changed to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the concerned individuals]

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