Meena (name changed) got married at age 19, with her boyfriend. Her parents-in-law were against the marriage. They started torturing her right from beginning of the marriage. Meanwhile, Meena got pregnant and continued her pregnancy to term. She gave birth to a healthy baby. Meena and her husband did not want another child soon, so they opted for condoms as a method of contraception, without the family’s knowledge. Coming from a conservative background, her mother-in-law started harassing her and suspecting infertility. However, the couple continued using contraception.

Unfortunately, Meena accidentally became pregnant due to a condom tear. But soon after, she had a miscarriage. The couple shortly tried again for another child. This time, the pregnancy went to term. Within a year of the birth of her second child, Meena conceived again because her partner did not use a condom this time. The couple did not want another child and mutually decided to terminate the pregnancy. This time, they were referred to the FPA India clinic by an outreach worker. They found FPA India’s clinic to be affordable and accessible, and could get all information and services under one roof. Meena underwent safe abortion and the couple was also counselled about post-abortion contraception.


[Disclaimer: These are real case studies from FPA India. The names have been changed to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the concerned individuals]

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